From London to Cannes: BIM.Technologies’ Olly Thomas set to Cycle to MIPIM!

Feb 6

From London to Cannes: BIM.Technologies’ Olly Thomas set to Cycle to MIPIM!


In March 2017 Olly Thomas, Associate Director at BIM.Technologies will be taking on the challenge of cycling 1500km from London to Cannes – all in the name of charity! Olly is taking part in the Legal and General Real Assets Cycle to MIPIM event which takes place between the 9th and 14th March 2017, raising money for Coram – a charity committed to improving the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people.

Here, Olly explains just why he is taking on this challenge and why sponsorship is so very important.

“Back in October 2016, I was successful in being selected to be part of the annual Legal and General Real Assets Cycle to MIPIM event taking place in March 2017. If I start by telling you that I am a self-confessed cycling nut, well that might go a little way towards helping you to understand the importance and opportunity that getting involved with this event presented to me – if only from a cycling perspective in the first instance. If my passion, enthusiasm and interest in the sport of cycling could elevate me to the ranks of the pro cycling elite then I would surely be there…but I have opted for the exciting world of construction instead! So what is the challenge? Along with about a hundred other riders from across the construction industry, I will be cycling from London to Cannes – which will mean covering 1500km over six days including approximately 13,000m of vertical ascent, the equivalent of going up Everest twice (nearly!). To put that into perspective it’s like riding from Birmingham to London, every day, for six days… As a passionate cyclist, this offers a huge opportunity to experience what it is like to be a ‘pro cyclist’ with a multi-day ride, full support crews and on event support.

Where does MIPIM come into this? MIPIM is a property professionals event held over 4 days which I will be attending after the ride (and trying to stay awake…!) with my employer, BIM Technologies, the UK’s leading BIM (Building Information Modelling) consultancy, which is part of Space Group.

Of course, there is a much bigger picture here – it’s not all about the cycling – there is a very real reason why such a challenge is so important.

The Legal and General Real Assets Cycle to MIPIM 2017 event is being run by Club Peloton and its main beneficiary is the charity, Coram. Club Peloton is a grant making charity and business network that raises money to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people through cycling initiatives and Coram is the UK’s oldest and first children’s charity. Their mission is to develop, deliver and promote the best practice in the support of vulnerable children and young people with the vision that every child has the best possible chance to lead a fulfilling life.

And now onto the really important part…

In order to help Coram create better chances, and brighter, happier future for children, I need to raise £3,000 in sponsorship over the next two months and I would be eternally grateful if you were able to help me on my way, regardless of how big or small a donation you are able to make. Cycling has helped me through some of the toughest times in my life and if I am able to use my passion to help others to change their lives it would be incredible.

I know it’s easy for me to ask that to be on my way, but I think it is important to understand why sponsorship for this event and the charity to which the money goes is so important.

Coram receives two-thirds of the money raised by Club Peloton, primarily supporting the flagship service: Coram Adoption. The number of children in care is the highest it has been for years, meaning that Coram needs your support more than ever. Coram Adoption helps to find ‘forever families’ for the UK’s hardest to place children. Many of the children Coram places have complex emotional and physical needs.

  • £550 enables Coram Adoption to find and prepare adoptive parents
  • £1,500 provides post-adoption support to a child and their family for life
  • £5,500 is the cost of a full adoption placement for a vulnerable child, from start to finish

You can see just what a difference the sponsorship money raised by this event can make – and why I am proud and excited to be taking on this challenge!

Good luck Olly!

You can sponsor Olly by clicking here – absolutely anything you can afford; every penny counts towards giving more children the bright futures they deserve. To learn more about Coram’s work, visit

To keep up to date with Olly, check out his blog 4TH Cat Tat which he is using to document his preparation and training ahead of the event.

Oh, and unless you’re as keen a cyclist as Olly you might wonder where the blog got its name – there’s a reason for that which you can find out here!