BIM.Technologies Welcome Digital Construction Cluster

Jun 8

BIM.Technologies Welcome Digital Construction Cluster

BIM.Technologies have welcomed the Estonian Digital Construction Cluster as part of their tour of the UK to discover how BIM is being used in the UK construction industry.

Estonia has become quite famous globally as a IT powerhouse. The government and public sector are proactive in implementing new technologies and are efficient compared to many other countries.

The Estonian construction industry decided to follow the lead and the Digital Construction Cluster was established to encourage implementation of digital practices. Their focus is bringing BIM to life as a tool for co-operation and increasing efficiency throughout the sector. Contractors, architecture and engineering offices, developers, government, and IT service providers are all actively participating in the Digital Construction Cluster.

As one of the activities, the Digital Construction Cluster has led high level executive study visits to learn from the experience of others. They have travelled from Silicon Valley to Singapore, and today they visited the BIM.Technologies Newcastle office to learn about their work, experience and the challenges ahead.