Warboard updated with new usability features based on user feedback!

Mar 12

Warboard updated with new usability features based on user feedback!

We have just pushed an update to our cloud based collaborative issue management platform Warboard which adds new functionality and features for its users.  While we have made many updates behind the scenes over the last few weeks, and have added some cool new functionality that is worth a quick mention.

You can now specify a location for a project and have it show on an interactive map on your dashboard.  Clicking on one of your projects on the map takes you instantly to that projects dashboard.

warbaord map

You can now also change the report style at any time, this something which originally had to be chosen at project creation and could not be changed on a live project.  We had feedback that some users wanted the ability to change the report style as the project develops (to use less paper for example).  Now you can easily swap out the report style to any of our built in styles at any time.


Fig 1. Modern Style


Fig 2. Simple Style (Less Paper, Less Ink)


We have added instant search to projects!  Similar to how you can search issues interactively in warboard, you can now do the same on projects. Perfect for those who have lots of project and need to find and access them quickly

We have improved the PDF Report Fidelity.  Depending on your computer OS and other local setting the PDF you generate/print from warboard sometimes the output did not look exactly like the preview report. In this update we have updated our PDF generation technology and now your printed PDFs will look as beautiful on paper as they did on the screen!

We have also made a load of other minor tweaks and updates such as:

  • – Sign Up button on the login page
  • – Projects Menu, now with All Projects and My Projects
  • – New label descriptions (removed ‘poor’ coordination wording) and removed the red for a nice purple.
  • – View Report is no longer available for free users – they get presented with an ‘Upgrade Your Account’ modal
  • – Styling of the upload / choose file buttons updated
  • – Re-organised the navigation menu so put Contact Us and Chat Support inside of Support

Bug Fixes:

  • – Small framing fix on registry page
  • – Followed projects panel layout has been fixed

This is the first of the regular incremental updates we will be making to the platform and we already are testing the next release of features based on your feedback.  In the meantime you can try Warboard for free at http://warboard.co.uk