What we can do for you

We Make the Complex Simple.

BIM.Technologies is the UK's leading BIM consultancy, working behind the scenes with some of the UK's biggest clients, contractors and consultants. We have a dedicated team of Information Managers, Technologists, Architects, Surveyors, Programmers and Construction Professionals aboard our team, all of which are passionate about BIM.

We use our expertise and the latest model-based technology to solve complex problems in construction, streamlining its process. We reduce risk, cost, time, waste and energy from your project by applying more thought.

We don't just use the technology for the sake of it; we review and select the best tools, software and processes to do the job in hand. We provide the protocols, infrastructure and expertise to deliver your project.

Information Management

BIM.Technologies is the UK’s leading BIM consultancy, working behind the scenes with some of the UK’s biggest contractors, consultants and private clients. We provide strategic advice, draft BIM protocols, BIM Execution Plans and provide advice on technology and software implementation. We also work hands-on at project level as BIM Coordinator throughout the design and construction of your project, ensuring that the Building Information Model can be utilised to its maximum.

BIM Coordination

A Building Information Model can greatly enhance capabilities for the review and the quality control of design information. Errors and omissions traditionally buried in disaggregated two-dimensional drawings can be visually detected and resolved during project reviews. These dimensionally accurate models can be clash and clearance checked, allowing spatial conflicts between systems to be automatically detected and resolved.

COBie Production

BIM.Technologies are able to facilitate and have proven real world experience of delivering COBie Data Drops in accordance with the UK Government requirements by providing a wide range of services to manage, validate and deliver COBie on your project.

BIM Implementation

Our consultancy team can work with you to develop your BIM implementation strategy and coordination. We will provide impartial advice on how to use BIM within your business. We will look at the value and relevance of BIM processes to your business and some of the cultural challenges in terms of working practice that need to be addressed.

Software Development

Our business has evolved around the delivery of good ideas at the right time. From the outset, we realised that the web and cloud computing would have a real impact on the delivery of our data. To that end, we have developed a set of skills that includes developing our own websites, applications, and tools to convey our work, and our clients’ data, to a wide range of audiences.

Training & Support

We can deliver custom modular training to your business and team. Our training is not just about how to operate the software but also about the BIM mindset and thinking. We can provide training at your workplace or at one of our custom built training facilities across the UK.

We Also Do This...

Complex Building Analysis and Simulation

Our design team can apply computational approaches to your design problems, whether related to presentation, analysis or aesthetic expressions. They can optimise the most complex forms for constructability and fabrication while retaining your design intent.

Digital Surveying and Scan to BIM

Our RICS Qualified digital survey team can capture site information using the latest laser scanning technology and convert the raw data into a format which can be utilised by the project team. This reduces time on site, as well as risk and cost and is perfect for existing buildings.

Project Modelling

We provide base project models for any project across the architecture, structural and MEP industries. This master model becomes the first point of reference for the project, providing a project database for the compilation and retrieval of project data from the outset.

Project Planning and Logistics Sequencing

A 4D Sequence model is a valuable tool to analyse and optimise the construction of your building. We link project elements directly to your live project programme, to create 4D Models which integrate design and programme information.

Quantity Estimating and Costing

We can extract quantities and dynamically link cost data for materials, labour and plant hire costs into the Building Infomation Model. Adding cost to the model allows a live view of budget and spend analysis during the planning and construction.

Specialist Component Modelling

We can work with manufacturers to convert their design information into a format that is compatible with a wide range of others. We also work with specialist subcontractors and fabricators to help create their design in BIM platforms.