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Specialised Digital Consultancy

About us

BIM Technologies was founded in 2011 in response to a growing demand for digital support among building owners and developers.

The team was spun out of SPACE Architects, a renowned national architectural practice established in the North East of England over 60 years ago. Owing to our long-standing investment in building information modelling, we recognised the need for a specialised digital consultancy in the built environment. 

Over the last decade, our team has grown significantly in numbers and expertise. Early clients came from the private sector, followed by the public sector after the launch of the UK Government’s BIM mandate in 2011. 

We have been instrumental in helping numerous clients mitigate risk, enhance predictability, and improve project outcomes. By leveraging the data collected, we help building owners and developers optimise their building performance while reducing operational costs and enriching their overall user experience.

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