Cut through the complex

Optimising building performance in design, construction and operation

BIM Technologies was born out of a belief in the potential of data and analysis to change the way we plan, design, deliver and manage buildings, leading to better outcomes.

Since 2010, we have been a pioneer of digital construction, developing methods and tools to deliver quality, data-driven building models.

Our approach

From the outset of a project, we embed robust processes and frameworks so that our clients can optimise value during a building's life cycle.

We start each project with the end in mind. Once we know the objectives, we work back to put in place standards, models, tools and skills to support the desired outcome.

We break down the barriers that exist between teams through design, construction and operation by providing a single digital thread that works for everyone at every point in the process. We help teams to move beyond traditional silos, connecting people to the data that matters to them so it is live and timely.

We make building information accessible and useful to inform decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

Who we work with