Nov 24

160 Old Street wins two awards at BCO 2020

In October 2020, 160 Old Street ran out two-time winners at the BCO Awards for the best London ‘Refurbished/Recycled Workplace’ and ‘Innovation’.

Judges described the historic building as “an exceptional workspace crafted with vision and innovation”. BIM.Technologies worked alongside the main contractors in a consultancy capacity.

The neglected 1970s built office space, previously used as the Royal Mail building, had the judges in awe of its redevelopment into an innovative, sustainable and modern building. It integrates the use of an innovative smart building app that notifies occupants of upcoming local events and offers, as well as giving workers the ability to control the lighting and temperature of their personal workspace. This has helped to create a truly enjoyable and personalised experience for workers.

A contemporary office building with multiple locations extended across the site, the floor area was increased by 60%, creating a significant load increase on the existing frame and foundations. The project has strong sustainability credentials with a significant amount of the original building’s embodied carbon being retained in the transformation.

The building has been lauded as thoughtful, intelligent, sustainable and efficient.

1/2 innovation award

2/2 refurbished/recycled workplace award