Dec 04

The Hickman undergoes practical completion

1/4 view from outside

2/4 rooftop view

3/4 alternative rooftop view

4/4 outside

Since acquiring The Hickman at a low capital value of £250 per sq. ft. Great Portland Estates completed the redevelopment in September 2020, delivering 75,280 sq. ft. of thoughtfully designed and cost-effective office space in Whitechapel.

A welcoming and relaxed experience is enjoyed upon arrival, the interior portrays a traditional office lobby and has a relaxing café space, designed by Conran and Partners. Sustainability has been at the forefront of the design principles. The total embodied carbon has been reduced by the use of refurbished fabric. Using too many new materials has been avoided, instead favouring the inherent properties of the building’s structural elements.

The Hickman has been redeveloped with technology in mind. Occupiers have access to service and amenity as well as control over the office environment through the use of a smartphone app named sesame. The level of functionality is varied, contactless entry to the building is possible and the lifts can also be called. Such data enables the occupiers to optimise their office space and take greater control of the building’s services by offering detailed real-time energy analysis.

The building has the ability to optimise the conditions for occupation by reducing energy consumption and associated carbon emissions, whilst also improving comfort levels for occupiers.

When paired with other smart technology, productivity and efficiency are expected to increase for the occupier, enhancing the prospects of letting and providing greater flexibility and adaptability to future occupier’s needs.

The Hickman will be trialling the use of Twinview on the project.