Oct 19

Updated information management guide for ISO 19650 launched

The UK BIM Framework has updated and published a new suite of guidance documents that aid the BS EN ISO 19650 series and offers specific guidance on the delivery phase of assets (BS EN ISO 19650-2) as well as the operational phase (ISO 19650-3).

Feedback has led to the delivery of these latest documents (Parts 1-3 and Parts A-F) as they aim to accommodate the expanding coverage of guidance and to capture ISO 19650-3.

New content probes ISO 19650-3 (Guidance 3), responsibility matrices (Guidance F) and the information management function (Guidance A). Examples from Guidance D now demonstrates the relationship and content among a range of information requirements. To support these, a database and video has been included.

More feedback has prompted a second edition of the Information Protocol. Sarah Davidson, who co-edits the Guidance, thanked her team for helping to offer “easy access” and “structured content”. Many themes set out in the series are now covered by the guidance although there is still a lot more work to be done.

Another co-editor of the Guidance, David Churcher, who is also the author of Part 3, stated that he was “very pleased” to be able to produce initial guidance for ISO 19650-3.