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Imperial War Museum - London

1/4 view from outside

2/4 view from inside

3/4 alternative view from inside

4/4 view of gallery

Imperial War Museum Following wished to develop and implement a BIM strategy to enable the delivery and management of projects and assets across the design and construction phases of the forthcoming Regeneration of the Imperial War Museum Lambeth (RIMWL) Project, and importantly, into the operational phase harnessing data and project outputs to inform the wider organisational business need and to aid ongoing facilities management and as such approached BIM Technologies to provide a proposal in respect of Employers Information Requirements (EIR).

BIM Technologies produced an Employers Information Requirements (EIR) document to align with industry best practice, minimum BIM Level 2 deliverables and will take note of the existing Government department EIRs. The EIR will be tailored to the specific needs of the Imperial War Museum and will take the requirements of the RIWML project into consideration so the document can be re-used on future projects.

As an aside to the EIR, BIM Technologies produced a BIM Competency and Capability Document, for completion by the parties who receive and respond to the EIR as part of the tender process, allowing review and assessment of responses and comparison of competency and capability like for like.