Nov 10 | Commercial

Project Angel - Northampton

1/3 view from outside

2/3 final concept view

3/3 view of BIM model

Northamptonshire County Council has decided to procure a new strategic public asset, a building with office accommodation for its staff to support its quest for enhanced efficiencies in the way it operates. This purpose-built operational environment will enable the council to accelerate progress in transforming existing working practices across its services to maximise efficiencies.

Located behind the existing Northamptonshire County Hall, on a central site currently used as a car park, known as ‘Project Angel’, the new building will provide a centralised hub for the evolving service delivery of the Council working with other public sector partners and will catalyse the change to more efficiencies through collaboration. The project will provide the anchor to a wider strategic vision for both the town centre and the operation of Council business.

BIM.Technologies are working with the design team to establish a project-wide BIM Execution Plan to ensure a coordinated building design and handover of electronic asset data for use with existing CAFM systems.

Picture Credit: BDP