Dec 07 | Commercial

Roots in The Sky - London

1/6 final concept

2/6 inside view

3/6 rooftop

4/6 alternative rooftop

5/6 inside

6/6 outside

Led by the investment manager and developer, Fabrix, Roots in The Sky will be London’s first office building to deliver an urban forest rooftop with extensive access for the local community and the public, with community gardens and collaborative neighbourhood uses a rooftop restaurant, bar and swimming pool, and private terraces and for the office space below. Set to be one of the largest urban roof gardens in Europe, the building will make a significant contribution to London’s ambitious targets for greening, biodiversity and sustainability.

BIM Technologies have been involved since the early Design Stages of the scheme, providing project EIRs, AIR, BEP and directly assisting the design team to collaborate through IFC and OpenBIM principles across different design platforms. The effective use of Scan information from the existing Blackfriars crown court building was also a key component for improved collaboration among stakeholders.